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NUTRILITE — единственный в мире бренд витаминных и минеральных комплексов из растений, которые выращивают, собирают и перерабатывают на собственных экологич…
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A 1954 video from Nutrilite, one of the world’s first nutritional supplement companies. Nutrilite is today the world’s #1 best selling nutritional brand. It …


  • Neritza Valera

    21 junio, 2013

    It’s so nice to watch this video from so many years ago and watch the new ones these days and still see that Amway still mantain the same quality in all its products! I found the way how they grow, process and make the principals natural ingredients of Nutrilite products amazing and fascinating. Very educated video thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  • Gopal Singh

    21 junio, 2013

    good one

  • Marianela Lupich

    21 junio, 2013

    I love nutrilite products

  • Alucardthedeadone

    21 junio, 2013

    It cheap, Smoking is expensive

  • firedup643

    21 junio, 2013

    Yeah, same here! Definitely worth your money, even if they seem «expensive»!

  • stephensusanto

    21 junio, 2013

    Same Here.. ^ ^

  • joebrueske

    21 junio, 2013

    golly, I thought Beaver was going to come through the door!

  • step128

    21 junio, 2013

    Love it! It helped me improve my health tremendously. The best ever food supplements I ever found.

  • Jae Lee

    21 junio, 2013

    Super loving vitamins…they are best !1

  • Gabriela Mallo

    21 junio, 2013

    I agree. The Vitamin C is great for curing colds quickly.

  • nydf14

    21 junio, 2013