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Glister Toothpaste Demo

In this demo we scrub a few toothpastes on a piece of plastic. It is noticed that the regular market toothpastes often erode the ink, causing discoloration. …
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    4 agosto, 2013

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  • Smile Rosas

    4 agosto, 2013

    I just used this glister toothpaste awhile ago

  • Mahmud Ehmedov

    4 agosto, 2013

    очень хороший!

  • Sahil Kumar

    4 agosto, 2013

    but that will also remove a layer of calcium from ur teeth!!

  • crashwarning

    4 agosto, 2013

    Toothpaste is an abrasive to remove plaque. If the demo proves anything, it is that leading recognizable brands (even when blocked out) remove discoloration and harmful plaque which can lead to gum disease.

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