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  • LuminaryGroup

    15 agosto, 2013

    I was in amway years ago and it sucked. Maybe they have changed some things since then. Most people who try it fail because you have to put in more money than you make. Then when you run out of friends and family your totally screwed. Join an opportunity that actually works. Check out my channel or visit TrustLuminaryGroup-net

  • Kevin Cox

    15 agosto, 2013

    Great review. Very true what others are saying about Amway. They were the original trailblazers.

  • James Jones

    15 agosto, 2013

    Amazing Video, Lilina!! This is the best Amway Review that I’ve seen!!

  • TonyaRosaReviews

    15 agosto, 2013

    Amway is the grandaddy of newwork marketing…Our industry is evolving and a lot of it is because of the trail blazers like Amway. Thanks for this information.

  • Scott Fitzwater

    15 agosto, 2013

    The whole industry owes much to Amway. Every person in direct sales or Network Marketing owes something to Amway even if they do not realize it.