Amway Hero … Dr.Braich

Welcome of «Dr. Braich» by cream of his group on becoming First Indian Founders-Triple-Diamond & First Indian Member of advicery council Amway…
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  • Ramandeep Singh

    30 diciembre, 2012

    great vedio:) and great inspiration to new comers

  • rajktiwari05

    30 diciembre, 2012

    the greatness need not to be shown
    it has transcende to the whole indian
    amway/bww community. with ur blessing
    and way we follow and look upto to you…

  • 78hiran

    30 diciembre, 2012

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  • guneet35

    30 diciembre, 2012

    Welcome S Harbhajan&Mohinder Braich He is our hero his group First Indian Tripple diamond ……. Thanks From Baldev Satwant Panchkula hr 22 apr 2011

  • JANVHI0703

    30 diciembre, 2012

    Sir cong. from your mumbai team

  • Sandeep Singh Sandhu

    30 diciembre, 2012

    Dr Braich n Madam Braich are the role model for every Indian…
    may god always bless them…

  • rags739

    30 diciembre, 2012

    Congratulation Mr Baraich …………..