Amway Kurt Warner Multi-Pops

Check out what Amway’s NUTRILITE brand MVP and father of seven, Kurt Warner, has to say about MULTIPOPS!


  • Janice Zheng

    19 febrero, 2013

    Good and cool

  • achieversful

    20 febrero, 2013

    hey Multi-Pops are just awesome. Thanks Amway and Kurt too.

  • Monica Holder

    20 febrero, 2013

    Hey! I am so excited about theses Kids MultiPops. The boys are anxious plus they want the ball one each….wow it gonna be a grand time.

  • Sherry Weatherly

    20 febrero, 2013

    fabulous!! Anxious to order these!!

  • Marina Rivera

    20 febrero, 2013

    Excelente producto. Gracias Nutrilite !!