Amway Product Demo-Nutrilite Iron Folic

Product demo of 1.Nutrilite Iron Folic tablets with other market’s popular Iron tablets 2. Nutrilite Bio C, Want to know anything about these products or about Amway, please call on 09831658567 or email to
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    21 diciembre, 2012

    Product demo of 1.Nutrilite Iron Folic tablets with other market’s popular Iron tablets 2. Nutrilite Bio C, Want to know anything about these products or about Amway, please call on 09986578975,09480307976 or email to

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  • Lincoln Ho

    21 diciembre, 2012

    I think he’s showing the iron by using a magnet. Then the second half of the demo is just the vitamin c demo you can find in English elsewhere. Neither of these demos display the quality of our products against others, as it’s just chemistry and science. However, the best I’ve seen are the double x light bulb demo, and the omega 3 demo. Those really show Nutrilite standing out.

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  • panuin

    21 diciembre, 2012

    I am surprised, that you are not aware of leafy vegetbales which contains more Iron… metalic (elemental) iron is different and iron from plant extracts is different…… GOD must help you…. for hetting the good knowledge…..

  • Nahid Khan

    21 diciembre, 2012

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  • hippopothomas1980

    21 diciembre, 2012

    I’m too, a Amway member, can you please help me explain what are you doing in the video? I can’t understand. of you can just email to me thank you. =)

  • विभू प्रिय  आचार्य

    21 diciembre, 2012

    I guess Navisug should take a lesson on food habits and nutritional metabolic activities in our body. without knowing our own body we keep it churning mercilessly and end up spending humongous funds on curing.

  • dreamprofit1976

    21 diciembre, 2012

    jaggery, spinach, etc have iron, do they get attracted by magnet ? please study and then respond

  • navisug

    21 diciembre, 2012

    absolute foolishness!!

    how the hell do u expect to get iron without the real iron..and obviously as every one knows iron does get attracted to the magnet! let GOD help his so called iron preparation which doesnt get attracted to the magnet..

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