Amway Review — The TRUTH Behind The Amway Scam

Amway Review -- The TRUTH Behind The Amway Scam

Amway Scam — Welcome to this Amway review video, I really hope this makes your decision to take action a lot easier and you realize that the company is not a scam and the only reason people fail to make any money is the fact they have their marketing all wrong. So in this Amway review video I remove the Amway scam myth and show you once and for all how it is done. 0:27 Amway Scam Stories 1:12 Amway business review 2:44 Amway scam 3:14 How to market your Amway business So As you can see by now I am very passionate about this industry and i truly wish I could cut the learning curve time down for people as I know the struggles people go through trust me. Amway Global is a massive company that has been suggested to have some market saturation that can negatively affect its distributors, however I believe these are highly over analyzed and is partly the reason for the Amway Scam allegations. As I said in the video I have been in many failed MLM companies and it was all due to the nature of the training. I believe if more Amway distributors were taught the correct method to market there would be far fewer Amway scam accusations and far fewer people searching the internet for Amway reviews. The more and more I learn about the network marketing or multi level marketing industry the more I begin to realize why 97% of people fail. And it always comes down to the training or recruiting techniques of these mass monster companies who are stuck back in the
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