Amway’s Artistry Shades of Paradise Makeup Review v.1.mp4

Divina gets her Miss America Look inspired by Amway’s Artistry Shades of Paradise. Visit for full post.
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  • Divina Rodriguez

    5 septiembre, 2013

    I completely agree with Karla!

  • Karla Paez

    5 septiembre, 2013

    Love artistry make up

  • Smile Rosas

    5 septiembre, 2013

    That isn’t stupid its amazing

  • David Nesmith

    5 septiembre, 2013

    I love your video on Amway. I am a fan of their acne wash. I would love to connect with you on facebook. Facebook(dot)com/nesmithdj

  • ninjazeb

    5 septiembre, 2013


  • LuminaryGroup

    5 septiembre, 2013

    I was in amway years ago and it sucked. Maybe they have changed some things since then. Most people who try it fail because you have to put in more money than you make. Then when you run out of friends and family your totally screwed. Join an opportunity that actually works. Check out my channel or visit TrustLuminaryGroup-net