Artistry Thuc Hanh Ky thuat massage

On 27 diciembre, 2012, in Sin categoría, by Luis Cadenas

Artistry Thuc Hanh Ky thuat massage

not needed
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25 Responses to Artistry Thuc Hanh Ky thuat massage

  1. ElliFong dice:

    Would be cool if there are gunner character

  2. Latte Lucis dice:


  3. Shadean207 dice:

    doesn’t he actually say “bone of my soul”? hard to understand…

  4. TheDraBlaze dice:

    archer could have won as long as he had two arms (working non broken arms -.-)

  5. scotcheggable dice:

    would you go gar for him?

  6. Adam Potters dice:

    I friggin love archer! He and Saber have the coolest noble phantasms!

  7. fizfiz91 dice:

    what can I say archer is one of my favourite anime characters ever :)

  8. vc180191 dice:

    Intriguing, you commented on a video you didn’t care about on a topic you apparentley dont care about, insulted a person who tried to answer you honestly while claiming that was the only time you would post, THEN went back on your claim to try and be derogatory again……..well each to their own I guess……

  9. Th3UprightMan dice:

    You said a whole bunch of stuff I care nothing about and would be ashamed to repeat out loud in a public area. Please stop talking. I do not watch this and do not plan to. Of course there were going to be some mary-sue elements or other to such a character. It IS a third-rate production, after all. Your next reply won’t even be skimmed so I suggest you save your time; unless you want to have the last word in. If that’s the case, then be my guest.

  10. vc180191 dice:

    Huh wait, weeaboo? Where and when did I pretend to know anything about japanese culture, or even attempt to screw up using japanese terms…….please, if your going to try and insult me, think a tiny bit before you do, it’s actually kinda sad that you can’t get a good insult in through simple lack of even understanding the term……

  11. vc180191 dice:

    ……my guess is you don’t exactly understand the nature of Archer’s combat style huh? Would it help if I said his entire fighting style revolved around showing obvious openings for his enemy to take so he would always know where they would strike? His whole combat style was *hit the obvious point please*, a style designed specifically to fight those who were his superior in combat, why wouldn’t he show such openings? It’s all explained in the VN.

  12. vc180191 dice:

    As for Berserker, why would it matter? Thanks to God Hand/Twelve Labours, he cannot be touched by any attack less than a B Rank Noble Phantasm, and trust me, no amount of armour would suffice to block something that surpasses B Rank in power.

  13. Th3UprightMan dice:

    Yes, making small crevasses so you can add that six pack look to the armour is of paramount strategical importance. It doesn’t make for a nice “stab here, your weapon won’t slip” area at all.
    I’m sorry, I won’t argue the finer points of armour design on an animu show with a weeaboo. Consider this my last post.

  14. vc180191 dice:

    Whose, Archer’s? How? He has both torso armour and leg armour with minimal movement impedament, with free arm range movement which allows him to weild any of his many NP’s without worry. It’s meant to be light in use, yet imposing in design, a perfect armour set for a Counter Guardian.

  15. Darkous19 dice:

    I can see this show as a hack and slash game like Dynasty Warriors. Thumbs up if you agree.

  16. Th3UprightMan dice:

    He has a rather impractical armour, I must say.

  17. colin8696908 dice:

    it wasn’t really murder didn’t he try to save people but became more like Kiritsugu and as a result hated himself for it.

  18. mriddley dice:

    @epsilon214 if he had both arms berserker would have been dead completely

  19. Foxstab dice:

    Yeah, Archer was broken. But Shirou saved him, so to speak, in one of the variations.

  20. phantomhero1994 dice:

    Unlimited Blade Works Kiritsugu Vers.
    I am the bullet of my gun
    Steel is my body and Lead is my blood
    I have killed over a thousand mages
    Unknown by Kayneth
    Nor known by Kirie
    Have lost my ribs to create the strongest bullets
    Yet these other mages think I’m the weakest
    So as I aim… Unlimited Origin Shots Works

  21. rthompson39 dice:

    No, he became an anti-hero. He went around murdering millions of people. He hated himself so much for what he became that he took part in the Grail War purely so he could murder his past self and he’d never have to become Archer.

  22. EvilSapphireR dice:

    Kiritsugu wanted to find a way to secure the future of the entire mankind. He didn’t really care if people treated him as a hero or not.

  23. MarCryos dice:

    Archer’s only equal in Badassery is Kamina

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