Chad Tolson Highlight Video (2012)

Chad Tolson. Windsor High School class of 2013. 5’8″ 140lbs. #21/#12 2012 Team MVP Award. 2011 CB 1st Team All League SCL 2012 RB 1st Team All League NBL 2 O…
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The start of it all. 8 year old Rudy Garcia-Tolson

1997- First relay triathlon 2009 – First double above-knee amputee to finish a Ironman under 17 hours. Thank you CAF, Ossur, Powerbar, Mike Davidson, Terry M…


  • John Theoza

    29 abril, 2013

    This kid has talent; he has good skills and athleticism. Sportspresstv. Com is a site that I think can help him get to where he wants to go if he is under recruited. Many kids go unnoticed do to reasons beyond their control. But u never know about a kid’s grades or work ethic.

  • Sarah Rippel

    29 abril, 2013

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  • rbe2678833lbe

    29 abril, 2013

    this guy is pure determination

  • Jt Dev

    29 abril, 2013

    the first time I saw rudy was on ripley reruns at the end of a tony volpentest segment. it brought tears to my eyes as he said «when I grow up I hope I can break world records like mr tony». I did a search to see if I could find if anything ever became of rudy. I read pages, watched videos and kept having to wipe the tears from my eyes. I dont even know this guy and yet with all his issues I have such pride! the ordeal of having to change «legs» for the different events here, but he does it 🙂