Sólo si cumples estos requisitos infórmate con más detalle:



Cumpliendo estos requisitos podemos Trabajar en Equipo y Alcanzar Nuestras Metas, si los cumples, date la oportunidad, pide más información, es GRATIS!…



  • Me gusta !!!

  • Good point. I hadn’t touhght about it quite that way. 🙂

  • Matthew Pezzimenti

    27 febrero, 2015

    Someone mentioned my name in a blog post. And I wish to have it removed.
    When someone searches my name this useless blog pops up.
    I would like it removed!!!!

    Matthew Pezzimenti

    • Luis Cadenas

      25 mayo, 2015

      Hello Matttew, I searched his name (Matthew Pezzimenti) and your email (Mpezzi1@gmail.com) in http://www.triunfaenred.com and not find it. In this blog post published and videos of other blog, maybe your name is on another blog. Will you write what blog is the one that appears when someone searches your name?.
      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards
      Luis Cadenas

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