Custom Motorcycle Builders

In this episode of Subculture Club we set out to meet some of the most reputable custom motorcycle builders in the business. Starting at the 2012 Las Vegas Bikefest: Artistry in Iron Master Builders and traveling back to Los Angeles, the home of many custom bike builders. In celebrating a culture of creativity, we check out the custom parts and hand-built motorcycles that make one stand out from the next. If you appreciate the artistry of a well-built machine, this video is for you! SUBSCRIBE to Thrash Lab: FOLLOW Thrash Lab on Twitter – Watch More Thrash Lab Subculture Club Episodes :: Freegans in NY – Hollywood Castle Teenage Magicians – American Civil War Reenactors – Sneaker Collectors – Sushi Chefs in America – The Real Rydaz of South Central LA – The Craft Beer Community in LA – Life Off the Grid in Slab City –


  • portlandplaceNL

    20 enero, 2013

    each new bike was blowing my mind, all but the long skinny chopper ones i may have seen too many of those on discovery channel.

  • gianturbo

    20 enero, 2013

    Where can I learn more about the motorcycles? Especially the on at 6:10 ! Thanks

  • MizzKrazyKrisB

    20 enero, 2013

    That was superb, my neighbor loved it too! High five!!

  • wesleyb82

    20 enero, 2013

    That was awesome all around

  • TheRHYTT

    20 enero, 2013

    Hey thrashlab, awesome vid, can u tell me a little how you planned the project of this production?

  • Rebecca Votta

    20 enero, 2013


  • junkofunk

    20 enero, 2013

    definitely one of the coolest vids so far