Frequently asked questions about NSF®?

Answers to the most common questions about the NSF Certified for Sport® program from NSF representative Lisa Thomas.
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Amway Legacy of Clean Concentrated All Fabric Bleach-Demo

Amway Product demo for All Fabric Bleach.
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  • martinenjellie

    24 agosto, 2013

    Rock solid company. Als a superbe business model

  • Robert Morphew

    24 agosto, 2013

    This is a perfect example of the quality of Nutrilite. I’m very glad I switched to Double X for my multivitamin.

  • Monica Holder

    24 agosto, 2013

    Excellent! We always knew that The Amway Corperation made the best supplements.

  • Evan Bang

    24 agosto, 2013

    The batteries in your clock are dead.

  • Lilia Toledo

    24 agosto, 2013

    Great demo! I have been using the All Fabric Bleach for 2 months and it is a great product.  I have sold several All Fabric Bleach.

  • dmnds979

    24 agosto, 2013

    Great products and a great value when you factor in the fact that you use small amounts because of the concentration, AND you save on replacing stained or soiled clothes because now you can clean remove even some of the most toughest stains from fabrics. If you’re interested in trying these fantastic products, send me a message!

  • Amina Sheikhee

    24 agosto, 2013

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  • Robert L

    24 agosto, 2013

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  • Victor Moreno

    24 agosto, 2013

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    24 agosto, 2013

    Amazing demo!

  • Jeffrey7500

    24 agosto, 2013

    I love this demo. And this product works great in real life, too.