Joe Blasco Makeup School and Training Centers in Hollywood California / Orlando Florida

Joe Blasco Makeup School and Training Centers, specializes in, Beauty Makeup Artistry, Professional Makeup Artistry, Advanced Prosthetics, Movie Makeup Classes, Movie Special Effects, Cosmetology, and more. Joe Blasco carries a full line of Cosmetics, for personal and professional use. Train at Joe Blasco’s State-of-the-art facilities and start your dream today.
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WITHIN Ministry presents «Inner Beauty, Outer Glow»–A Campaign that seeks to help women embrace their inner beauty while still being able to express it in their outer glow! This month, we are collaborating with BEAUTIFUL Hunny Makeup Artistry to help us understand the right way to wear makeup so we aren’t overshadowing our natural beauty. Join with us as we go on this Beautiful journey! Background song: «Beautiful things» Cover song by Karin McKoy FB: withinministry & BEAUTIFUL Hunny Makeup Artistry Twitter: @WITHINetwork & @Bhmakeup1
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