Nutrilite Experience

A promotional video I produced back in the 90s. Directed by Gary Birch.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  • Victor Moreno

    3 diciembre, 2012

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  • Claudioramcruz

    3 diciembre, 2012

    I hope you people take a time to see this videos

  • eusebio91x

    3 diciembre, 2012

    I love nutrilite & amway this is where i get mine


    3 diciembre, 2012

    Oh no! Here we have Dr. Sam Rehnborg indirectly advocating evolution and millions of years. He needs to stay out of this debate as far as Nutrilite is concerned because there are many Christians in Amway who believe in the Bible and take God at His word concerning Genesis 1 and a straightforward literal interpretation.