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Amway Product ! Glister Demo With X Brands...

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    25 diciembre, 2012

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  • jessicejess123

    25 diciembre, 2012

    wat kind of card is tat ??

  • Konrad Grzyb

    25 diciembre, 2012

    I’m sorry from which years other past are??!!

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  • Yusukeleon

    25 diciembre, 2012

    Lol so they must be sure the content of result.., if not they might not dare for showing THE name of other X brand toothpaste on the video… First at all I saw Glister.

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  • Junny Lai

    25 diciembre, 2012

    it doesnt mean to say the tooth paste will damage ur teeth, but ur gum ! imagine u are using x brand for 2 years

  • sprinter natsume

    25 diciembre, 2012

    there no way the paper hardness is same as your tooth ,crystalys hardness is lower than your tooth,this only prove other brand tooth paste have crystalys , but prove nothing to scratch you teeth surface

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