quite – zeo-x-s

soundtrack by dune aka lassi nikko aka brothomstates.


  • imadoofus123

    23 mayo, 2013

    that’s impressive

  • TTT000XXX

    23 mayo, 2013


  • Geoff T

    23 mayo, 2013

    I want to give this a thumbs-up on pouet, but can’t find the entry for it.

  • Bozootheclown

    23 mayo, 2013

    Hi, as you probably already know this realtime generated digital art (even sound is generated) is created by guys from so called demoscene 😉 – kind of the underground computer arts community with quite long history (there is nice article about demoscene in wikipedia). All graphics and sound are pushed in to the 4 kilobytes executable file which can by run in windows. This computer program is probably written in C++, maybe assembler programing language.

  • Andreagalarkin

    23 mayo, 2013

    Who made this?

    I’m aware of the Droste Effect, fractal geometry, superposition of geometry, transparency, scale transformations, rotations and collisions. However this goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen. The size and use of scale really suggest gigantic worlds when the whole thing is based in generators and transformations.

    It’s impressive in every single way. I want to know who made this and what technique was used. It’s just a work of architecture, art and mathematics.

  • konrad303

    23 mayo, 2013

    Not quite (pun not intended). The trick is the camera not moving forward at all. Instead the world continuously sizes up. This looks as if eternally coming closer to the sizing center. Meanwhile, additional small-scale geometry is added in a fractal manner. The effect is total dope. It’s really well done in this demo.

  • TheReasonWhyGuy

    23 mayo, 2013

    The feeling of it being fractal comes from the lens used in concert with the camera moving forward.
    This makes it feel like it’s being zoomed it constantly, which along with the patterns gives the illusion of some underlying repeating pattern.

    Maybe there really is a pattern 🙂

  • Pozpenguin

    23 mayo, 2013

    epicjust epic

  • conceitarturo

    23 mayo, 2013

    how do you even do that? it feels fractal but I dont think it is, superb!

  • TheVincent1977

    23 mayo, 2013

    3d demo art at it’s best! There is no spoon .. YOU are IN the tunnel ..

  • trofdugweed

    23 mayo, 2013