Stephen Benison- Sugar Artistry- Fabulous Shoes and Handbags

Sugar shoes and handbags feature on the latest DVD Inspirations for Sugar craft. Cake side designs and cake top decorations, using a range of innovative cutt…


  • rebone li

    3 septiembre, 2013

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  • stephen Benison

    3 septiembre, 2013

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  • Sarupa17

    3 septiembre, 2013

    Where I can i find your templates?

  • 01079liz

    3 septiembre, 2013

    I don’t know if you still need it after so long but I found them on sugar-artistry. co. uk, or if you’re in America they are on globalsugarart. com

  • yareth172272

    3 septiembre, 2013

    Love it

  • trsmont

    3 septiembre, 2013

    Thats really amazing. where can I get those cutters?