The Artistry of Tlingit Weaving

It takes an artist up to 2000 hours, or 83 days, to weave just one ceremonial robe. Not surprisingly, this art form is practiced by a dedicated few includin…
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Artistry on Ice Shanghai


  • marshall robertson

    20 agosto, 2013

    picture at the end with the snowflakes with the dancer… i have had a dream about that while in the woods what does that mean?

  • jalynnakins

    20 agosto, 2013

    that caption on the celebration photo can’t be right. Every celebration happens on an even year, so it couldn’t be 2007

  • vetiraq

    20 agosto, 2013

    Great video, although I think that it should be mentioned that the Chilkat blanket was first designed and made by the Tsimshian tribe.