XS Energy Shots with 4900% B12 Vitamin from Amway Global

Boost your energy without consuming empty carbs, excess calories, or caffeine. XS Energy Drinks deliver a powerful punch of B vitamins to help boost mental and physical energy. In 14 Different flavours Calories – 8 Sugar – 0 Carbs – 2 B3 Vitamin – 100% B5 Vitamin – 100% B6 Vitamin…
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  • myutubetunes2

    11 enero, 2013

    myutubetunes2, I love the 24k energy drink to and the taste. 

  • Thegreatbungholian

    11 enero, 2013

    It’s amazing how everyone in that gym was fit, must be a really good gym!

  • PaceShave

    11 enero, 2013

    Keeping ones energy up can be difficult these days. We think it’s crucial to living a healthy and positive lifestyle. We too believe in technologically advanced products to promote general well being. Thanks for sharing!


  • hyorkim11

    11 enero, 2013